How Much Life Insurance Do You Really Need?

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Deciding how much life insurance to buy is a tricky decision. Your needs and those of your family have so many variables that it’s hard to establish a set guideline. There are a few guidelines, however, to use when calculating your own coverage amount. These guidelines can help you come to a good number that

How to Sell Your Car Fast and For Top Dollar

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Trading in your car at the dealer is guaranteed to lose you money. Yet many opt for this route because it’s easy. The better approach, however, is to sell your car yourself. You’ll get more money, and it’s easier than many think. Here’s how to sell your car fast and for top dollar. In this

How to Finally Get Out of Debt

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Getting out of debt is key to financial freedom. Being debt free gives you great financial flexibility. Paying off those debts, however, can be a struggle. Here we provide a comprehensive guide on how to get out of debt for good. Along with losing weight, getting out of debt is probably the most popular goal

FutureAdvisor Review 2017: What Can It Do For You?

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Investing isn’t always easy. Sometimes you need a friendly guide to point you toward opportunities and help you keep things organized. Sometimes that friendly guide is a robot. This is the premise of a service called FutureAdvisor. The company essentially provides a robo-advisor that offers automated portfolio management, which users can access online. FutureAdvisor uses

10 Tips For Buying a Rental Property

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Editor’s Note: This is an article written by Sasha, a former Consumerism Commentary staff writer. In 2007, Sasha shared her experiences with purchasing and managing residential rental properties and the lessons learned. We published these articles in a series of ten. I’ve re-edited the pieces and consolidated the great advice into one article. Looking to

Move Revolution Prioryfields 2017 – The Crafter’s Market

It does feel like a summer of sunshine and showers…
At ‘The Crafter’s Market’ the sun is always shining, and we managed to defy the weather to bring warmth and cheer on a grey summers evening in Priory Park. It is such a pleasure to partner with the talented ‘Crafters Market team’, Liz Maginnis and Sarah Jane Skitt, to host Move Revolution & The Crafters Market evening as part of our Prioryfields event week.
Our gorgeous Prioryfields Marquee was packed with The Crafters Market dozen or so monthly market regular stallholders. The gorgeous stalls were laden with handmade crafts ranging from beautiful framed pieces to amazing pieces of unique works of art. Take a look for yourself as the beautiful stalls…



Along with excellent food provided by Meat the Chef’, music from The Mellow Monsters and drinks from Fizzy Rascal, ensured a great atmosphere inside a busy marquee.
Crafter’s Market co-founder Sarah Jane Skitt said “this is the second year we have taken part in the Move Revolutions Prioryfields event and once again our crafter’s really enjoyed the summer feel and atmosphere. The event is very popular with our regular stall holders and customers and we look forward to doing it again next year
If like us you love to pop into another market very soon full details of The Crafter’s Market monthly events in Reigate, and further afield, can be found at or on Facebook @reigatecrafters
If you are thinking of moving or letting your property in Reigate or Redhill please give us a call on 01737 888220.  Our team would love to chat with you and arrange a free valuation.



Move Revolution Prioryfields – Our Highlights

What a great time we had in Priory Park, Reigate.  We know how much you love to seeing photographs taken by our very own Move Revolution professional photographers…so we thought we would share our highlights with you.

Reigate School of Ballet & Commercial Dance – Incredible Dance Sessions 



Boogie Time with Boogie Monsters 



Squiggle, Dot & Squeeze’s Awesome Farm Craft 



Move Revoution’s Mini Farm 



Our Move Revolution Selfie frame #movekids 




Move Revolution and Priory Park Rangers Pond Dipping Fun 


We know you loved all the craft activities – can you imagine our shopping list for the activities?! 


Just to give you an idea it included…  

  • 600 Balloons 
  • 400 Lolly Sticks 
  • 2000 Goggly Eyes 
  • 100 Pair of Scissors 
  • 500 Paper Plates 
  • 3000 Feathers 

 And look what you all made!  

This is just like the biggest birthday party ever with approximately 3000 crafts that have been ‘made’ during the week.

Our enthusiastic, fun-loving Move Revolution team. 

Everyone you met were Expert Estate Agents, members of our Award Winning Lettings Team, Land & New Home Specialists, Professional Photographers and experienced Marketeers!  We all love what we do and take great pride in our work.. from creating a fun craft, putting on activities which have (hopefully) kept you little ones entertained.. through to how we sell and let houses, and our highly detailed knowledge of land and new homes!  

If you are thinking of moving or letting your home we would love to speak with you just call 0800 0337670. Or, if you’re not thinking of moving at the moment please recommend us to friends and family. At Move Revolution we believe in giving back to our local community – and that is exactly what we have done this week! 

If you can’t wait until 2018 we will be running The Move Revolution’s Kids Active Village at Run Reigate.  Come and say hello to us all Sunday 17th September in Priory Park, Reigate.  As with all our events it will be FREE! Looking forward to seeing you soon!